DIY Jar Dispensers

I hate plastic containers.

Now, before you go accusing me of being a pretentious, new-age hippie, I have to confess that my reasons are pretty shallow. I just hate how it looks. I realize that plastic can be practical due to its durability but glass is just so much prettier.

It seems pointless to spend so much time decorating and cleaning my home so that it looks presentable only to stick ugly plastic dispensers in the kitchen and bathroom.

My solution: re-using mason/ condiment jars to make my own dispensers. I got the idea from this wonderful blog but decided to put my own touch on this project.

The final result should look something like this:


I had fun with mine. The back stickers were made from black chalkboard contact paper like this.

I printed out free shapes that I found doing a simple google image search and printed them out on cardstock. Then, I simply traced the shapes on the back of the contact paper and cut them out.


I also used patterned Duck Tape like this for one of the jars which I thought was fun. But look at your local dollar store before you go buying this online! I have seen tons of knock-offs like this tape which would work just as well!

To write on the contact paper, you can use a chalk pen or a white sharpie. It’s totally up to you but I used the chalk pen so that I could change the labels every time I made something new.

To install the dispenser, you will need:

Mason/ condiment jar

Glue gun

Pump (either a foam pump or a regular pump depending on what you plan to put inside)


1 Nail or Tapered Screw


First, hammer the nail or screw into the center of the lid.


Then, take the pliers and pull outward slowly making the hole bigger.


After the whole is big enough for the base of the dispenser to fit through, place it through the whole and use the glue gun to set it in place (I just happened to have sparkly glue in mine so that’s what I used but you wont see it so you can use whatever kind of hot gun glue you want).


Then you just need to screw the lid back on the top of your jar and you are set!

I use mine for all of the natural products I make including dish soap, foaming hand soap, liquid hand soap  shampoo, body wash, and make-up remover!

Recipes for all this and more to follow!


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