Witch Hazel, Honey, and Sweet Orange Facial Toner

I have naturally oily skin and tend to notice that I have larger pores on my nose and cheeks so a good toner is an imperative part of my daily skin routine. For me, it’s as important as a good moisturizer (I have found that you need both if you have very oily skin).
I was so happy when I discovered that you could witch hazel as a natural alternative to store-bought toner.
After playing around with the mixture for a while, I think I came up with something that feels the closest to my chemical-filled “favorite” toner from the past. I also added orange oil because I have heard it works wonders on acne! The orange oil makes it smell so wonderful too:)


Witch Hazel, Honey, and Sweet Orange Facial Toner

75% Water

25% Witch Hazel

15-20 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

1 Tsp. Honey


I am so obsessed with putting everything in mason jars at the moment so I thought a small jar would work great for the toner too! I added a pump so that I could just squirt it on to a cotton ball.

 This time, I spray painted the lid and pump black since they didn’t match and I think it came out great!


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