All-Natural Deodorant

This post is a day late… After a Sunday filled with household chores, I attempted to make my newest recipe while I was pretty much dead on my feet. What resulted was a strange yellow mixture that smelled like the corn cake you find at Mexican restaurants. Yep, I had used corn meal instead of corn starch in my deodorant recipe… Because I saw the word corn and just started pouring it in there like no tomorrow. Oops.

But today is a new day, and after trying the correct recipe out, I think I found my new favorite natural DIY project!

I got most of this recipe from this wonderful blog. I just added Peppermint oil to the mix because I think it smells clean and fresh:)

Now, the use of aluminum in store-bought deodorants is highly controversial. Just do a simple google search and you will get thousands of articles debating whether or not it causes cancer or altzheimers. My take on this (which is not professional at all) is that although I am not prepared to make any claim about whether or not store-bought deodorants are bad for you, I would rather be safe than sorry. Plus, if I can make my own for less than I spend at the store, why not?

Natural Deodorant

1/4 Cup Baking Soda

1/4 Cup Arrowroot or Corn Starch (Supposedly arrowroot is better for sensitive skin)

4 tbs. Organic Coconut Oil

8 Drops Tea Tree Oil

8 Drops Peppermint Oil


I used old deodorant containers to house my new mixture! Its a little less solid than traditional store-bought deodorant but it still works!


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