How I Save on Natural/ Organic Food!

I used Natural/Organic in the title of this blog post because I think that it’s important to be clear that I do not eat solely organic food. I’m not perfect and I’m not loaded so I do the best I can with the budget I have!

My local Ralph’s is my go to place for clearance deals on natural and organic products. They run promotions through their facebook page on a regular basis for $5 off $15 on fresh meat, $5 off $35 total purchase etc. Also, they have a huge selection of antibiotic/ hormone free and organic meat. The great thing about my local store in Tustin is that they are terrific at marking down products that are about to expire and they have TONS of manager specials. Combine that with their great online coupons and you can score some amazing deals!


My stock up prices in my extreme couponing days (I’m still a couponer- just less extreme) for meat and lemonade would have been about $1.99 a lb. for non-organic chicken and about $1.00 for lemonade. The juices above were $.79 on clearance and the chicken was about $2.50 a lb. on manager’s special and with a $5 off $15 facebook promo. Not that far off from prices I was paying before!

Now, even though I score deals like these on a pretty regular basis, I am still spending more on natural/organic food than I was paying before. But I feel that my health is worth the extra money.  I want to feel good about the food that I am putting into my body and for the first time in my life, I actually do. Real foods with whole ingredients that don’t contain more chemicals than actual food.

So there you have it:) This is how I buy natural and organic food without going broke. Is it a lot of work? Maybe at first, but now I am definitely getting into the groove and I am actually having a lot of fun learning how to shop in a whole new way.


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