Super Inexpensive DIY Fabric Softener Crystals

Before I started trying to make all of my household products on my own, I was pretty obsessed with those store-bought fabric softener crystals by Downy. They are a little pricey (even with coupons) but they make your clothes smell and feel amazing.

So naturally, I was super excited when I saw people using Epsom salts as fabric softener on Pinterest. I dove right in and made a few batches using the recipes I had found. One called for 10 drops of essential oil and it smelled great in the container but I couldn’t smell it at all when my laundry was finished. The next recipe called for 20 drops of essential oil… still nothing at the end of the cycle.

So… an entire bottle of essential oil later, I finally got the scent I was looking for. I know, I know, it seems like I went a little overboard. Sure, the container of fabric softener crystals smells like someone threw up pure lavender buds in them. But trust me, the smell of your freshly dried laundry will be so worth it. Most of it washes out in the machine, I promise!

Also, I got my essential oils from which has tons of sales and promo codes on a regular basis. I only paid 2 dollars a bottle for my lavender essential oil the last time they had a BOGO promo code. At about $1 a lb. for Epsom Salt (which you can find anywhere, really) and $2 for the essential oil, I paid $8 total for 72 loads (6lbs) worth of fabric softener. The downy crystals are around $7-9 dollars a container for less than 1 lb. of crystals!

epsomsaltin bowlHere is my recipe:

1- 6lb bag of Epsom Salt

1- 1/2 oz. bottle of essential oil (any scent you prefer)

Mix the ingredients together in a large bowl and transfer into individual containers (I simply used a rolled up piece of paper and a little bit of tape to make a funnel).

To Use: Pour in 1/4 cup of salts per load at the beginning of the cycle.






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