About Me:

My name is Andrea and I live in Southern California. I have always thought of myself as “organically frugal” (I love a good deal) and I have been extreme couponing for almost 3 years in an effort to save money. Yet, recently I have become more concerned about the food and products that I am putting in and on my body every day. In the past, healthy has been a term that I applied to foods that were low-calorie or low-fat (not surprising considering that I have been “dieting” since elementary school). But now I am questioning what healthy really means. How good for you can something be that contains more chemicals than actual food? So this has become my challenge; to go natural without going broke. I already know how to get products for pennies on the dollar with coupons, but can I make organic versions of these products myself and for the same price? Well, I intend to find out! And along the way, I hope to share how I am putting my own twist on great ideas that I have discovered both online and from my friends and family.


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